Every organisation in the world needs to be aware and ready for all threats, and cyber threats are no different. Our Information Security (InfoSec) Status Reporting service enables organisations to be aware of their current information security status and what they can do to improve.

Unlike our Information Security Consulting service, the InfoSec Status Reporting service is a more lightweight way for us to evaluate the current security posture of an organisation and provide a report discussing any threats or holes and providing recommendations. This report will then enable the organisation to implement tighter security controls should they choose to.

Although each organisation is different, what we will do for you as part of this service, in a nutshell, would be the following:

  1. Meet with you to learn about your business, what you currently have in place and what worries you most.
  2. Based on this information and some possible follow-up questions, we will draw up a report containing any security failings or vulnerabilities within your organisation and provide recommendations for remediation.
  3. Once the report is finalised, we will sit down with you and explain it in detail to ensure that all is understood.
  4. Should you choose to move forward with any further analysis or remediation, we can provide our Information Security Consulting service separately.

This method is a more cost-effective way for an organisation to determine whether a full-blown consultancy is required or whether their current security posture is adequate or to the satisfaction of management.

Note that this service is not equivalent to a “Penetration Test” as the activities carried out will not be as in-depth as that kind of testing. This has the benefit of conducting a non-invasive analysis of the organisation and its current level of security. There is also no obligation to go further than the provision of the report and this will be left completely up to management and/or the owners of the organisation.

Should you wish to discuss an opportunity for us to come and assist with boosting the information security of your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us via the details on our Contact page.